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"Feel Better Now Yoga" DVD
with Gary Halperin


The one-hour yoga sequence on the DVD is appropriate for all levels and is good for strength, balance, flexibility, and relaxation.

The DVD was professionally produced by Osko Production. The picture quality and sound are excellent. The DVD was shot on the beach at the Longboat Key Club and on the water at Marina Jack Park in Sarasota, Florida and is a relaxing experience just to watch. 
You can watch a 6 minute preview of the DVD by clicking here.
You can read customer reviews of the DVD by clicking here
You can buy the dvd directly from me before or after any of my group classes at the Radiance Center.

Or, if you live outside of the Sarasota area, you can purchase here



"Feel Better Now...Meditation" Book
by Gary Halperin


This book is available as an ebook for your IPAD or Kindle.  $7
(This book is no longer in print.  You can purchase used copies on amazon)
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Book Description

Stress is a leading cause of many health problems. Being unable to relax also significantly decreases our quality of life. We hear it all the time--you need to reduce stress and relax. Yet we are seldom instructed as to how to achieve this result. Meditation and yoga instructor, Gary Halperin, has taught thousands of people how to meditate in order to take control of their lives. After numerous requests, he wrote Feel Better Now...Meditation. Now in a simple easy-to-use format, anyone can quickly learn to use classical meditation methods to reduce stress and enjoy life.
This book is for anyone who wants to learn a method to relax, those who have never meditated and want to learn, and experienced meditators who want a new perspective on the practice. In one or a few sittings, you can learn how and why to meditate. You will learn that meditation is about practicing your focus on process without worrying about the results.


Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D., author of The Emotional Revolution
"Simple, elegant and profound--a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate."
Naomi Wolf, author of Misconceptions
"So many people ask me how they can begin to meditate. Gary Halperin presents the basics in a way that can draw in a beginner and reinforce the practice of most of us who mean well but sit too seldom. A wonderful gift, in every sense."